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August 2020:

Play Ethic: A Way of Creativity for Our Time

"A powerful blend​ of positivity and play"

Do you long to bring more creativity into your life?

We are creative beings!

The wellspring of creativity which runs in all of us offers innovation, healing, beauty, and pleasure.

Creativity is the greatest healing force. At a time when individually, collectively, and globally our souls, society and organisations need to be examined and healed, reconnecting with our inner child has never been more important. This workshop will put you in touch with your own creative source, helping you to explore your creative response to everyday challenges we face as well as encouraging you in the creative projects you love and to be an agent of change in your own endeavours


The invitation:

Connect with your own wellspring of creativity as a source of healing and fun

Feel optimism and confidence in learning to play, dissolving creative blocks

Discover how to optimise your creative potential to problem solve in your everyday personal and professional life.


What do I need to take part?

An open mind and heart

A space to work

A notebook and pen for making notes

Household items such as scissors. 

For the intensive we will send out a joiner pack which provides all other materials needed 

For the taster session please bring any art materials you have to hand

What does it cost?

Taster session: Free of charge

Workshop: including materials, £205 (Concessions available – contact us)

To reserve a place:

Taster session Saturday 8th August, 2020 10am - 1pm  sign up here

Main event: Wednesday 19th - Friday 21st August (Incl) 10am - 4pm sign up here

Tickets available until 11th August, for late sales, concessions or for more information contact us



Helen Tyrrell (MSc) is a sustainability and people practitioner with a wider background in the arts and languages. Helen has a strong belief in the power of human potential and the importance of imagination.

Jasmine Dale is an author, mentor and trainer. Jasmine is inspired by the intelligence of ecosystems and the unlimited potential of creativity.


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