Three Pillars of Practice

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Personal practice and responsibility: we prioritise self-development as key to our success, ensuring that rigorous personal practice underpins any organisational work and is an integral part of this. This personal practice is reflective and pays attention to dreams, flirts, body symptoms, and makes time for daily meditation and connection to nature to keep grounded and connected. 

‘Failfast’ and ‘black box thinking’: we aim to develop services incrementally in line with customer needs, regularly testing client satisfaction and seeking feedback. We endeavour to learn from ‘failures’ using a ‘black box thinking’ approach which takes the whole system into account rather than just the point of failure.

Design: we aim to apply Permaculture principles to project and programme design, by aiming to: observe and interact with our environment | catch and store energy | obtain a yield | apply self-regulation and accept feedback | use and value renewable sources and services | produce no waste | design from patterns to details |  integrate rather than segregate | use small and slow solutions | use and value diversity | use edges and value the marginal | creatively use and respond to change

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