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UK Managing Director

Case Studies

Project: Cohesion and Engagement

"A great chance to discuss, laugh, strategise. Nice way to build relationships internally"

Employee comment


Conscious Organisations was commissioned to lead a change management programme for a Data Driven Intelligence Company with 100 UK employees (and 200+ overseas), facing morale issues and needing greater cohesion and productivity.


Our first action was to interview as many employees as possible (40% in the first month) and produce a ‘Listening Report’ for the Managing Director (MD).

Next steps were to ensure a tentatively planned all staff conference went ahead. We felt that this presented a timely opportunity for leadership to engage and connect with employees and for employees across different locations and functions to engage and connect with each other. We wanted to make sure the event was not organised ‘top down’, instead wishing to promote ownership among employees. To achieve this we installed an organising committee made up of five talented cross team employees to be fully responsible for organising the format and content of the day.


While there had been serious queries at all levels of the organisation as to whether the conference should happen at all, the enthusiasm of the organising committee helped engage employees and leadership alike and a great day was delivered. The outcome was increased energy within the business and greater opportunities for engagement being implemented such as monthly office meetings in one office, and monthly Managing Director all employee calls replacing email communication.

People reported enjoyed the day overall and welcomed the interaction with employees and management enjoying a “chance to mix with colleagues, be transparent about the current situation and really shift mind-sets to think more commercially and about the future” (employee comment)

"A great chance to discuss, laugh, strategise. Nice way to build relationships internally"

Employee comment