About me

When I heard about global warming in my teens (mid 1980s) I simply couldn’t believe it wasn’t the top of everyone’s agenda. I felt helpless in the face of the global problem.

My first venture to help the environment was in the early 1990s with my husband. We set up Global Thinking Limited, a not-for-profit which sold organic cotton leisurewear printed with our own designs. All profits went to buying acres of rainforest in order to protect them from being cut down. It was bold and fun but didn’t take off in a big way.

I always felt that business and sustainability were not exclusive but in fact could go hand in glove. After years of raising my children while working part time, I was delighted to find work with the sustainability consultancy Best Foot Forward, later Anthesis, for over a decade. During that time, I was able also to study for a Masters in Sustainability and Responsibility from Ashridge Business School.

My training in sustainability and systems thinking as well as my experience of business  have led me to the conclusion that without better self-knowledge and awareness our efforts at sustainability can't work. This is why I set up Conscious Organisations. 


My work with Anthesis had been people based and my studies taught me that people as part of the wider system, are the key to sustainability. Today my focus is on engendering systemic and organisational change through Action Research, people empowerment and coaching.

I believe passionately in the power of people and human potential and am most interested in the fertile learning space at our edges, whether through our interaction with others or stepping out of our intellectual comfort zone into the world of the senses, nature, somatic practice and art. I continue to study Process Oriented Psychology, facilitation and for an advanced Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring and am Treasurer for the Association of Sustainability Practitioners. .

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